Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back On His Feet!

Hey family!
     So I'm feelin better, just a cough now, it lasted about 5 days. I think I got a bug from the food here. The MTC is getting way boring and repetitive. Start sending ALL letters to my mission address. You can send them this week, as well as packages....send lots of those haha.  We take a super nice bus to the temple, it's about an hour drive cuz the traffic here is crazy. That's sweet that Chris [Keddington] got his call in high school. I haven't got any cookies from Mr. Cheney's cuz they're way too expensive. The area around here is cool, and if you buy anything Brazilian made, it's cheap. There are super cheesy Nike shoes up the street for 350 Rais. 
     The exchange rate right now between Dollars to Rais is about 1.75. So I made a lot of money coming here haha. not really. That's too bad Taylor didn't find his iPod.... I got the picture from Tate, it's SO cute.
My testimony is growing a ton here, and it's a blessing to have grown up in the gospel. It's amazing how everything I learned in primary is coming back to me haha. Everything being sent to my mission needs to be sent to the mission home. letters, packages...everything. I also want you to send stickers with my mission address on them so i don't have to write it out for every letter! Time is going by fast, so I'm looking forward to gettin out in the field and workin my butt off,  I'll be home before you know it! No big injuries right now for anyone at home so that's good! How's grandma? I miss you guys. 
I'll see ya'll soon!

Elder Shepherd........... and yes, I dream half the time in Portuguese now and mess up on letters a lot!

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