Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Placed Six Books Of Mormon

Hi family! 
     Not a lot of time this week so it's gonna be short. Sorry. We have a random fireside, so hopefully it's an apostle or something. I leave the MTC next Tuesday, not sure what time yet. I found out that we fly to Porto Alegre, then take a 5 hour bus ride to Santa Maria.  Time has gone by soooo fast! it seriously feels like it's flying. I dream half the time in Portuguese now, it's so weird. 
     We went out into the streets yesterday to place Books of Mormon. I placed 6 and have a good feeling about most of them. I can understand the majority of what's going on, speaking is a little more difficult. I won't be able to email next week, so probably expect an email two weeks from today. My companion and I get along really well too. Time all feels like it's meshing together. I feel like I'm living Bill Murray's Groundhog Day!!! haha. The MTC is fun and all, but I need to go out and do some real work! I'm so pumped! So ya make sure you don't send packages or letters here anymore, I won't get them. You can sign up for that Mission Ties thing if you want. if you didn't get my little letter about it then look it up. it explains it all online. 
     We go out placing more Books of Mormon next Monday, then take off on Tuesday. I went out to eat at a burger joint today with my district, it was so good. I'm stoked to get my care package when I get out to the field! I'm gonna send off a SD card next week if I get a chance.... I have some pictures on it - but we can only use our cameras inside the MTC and only on p days. 
     The Temple here is amazing! I love doing endowment sessions. I only have a cough now, so that's good - . one week left! So stoked!!! I'll keep writing you when I can, keep writing me each week! 
I love and miss everyone!
       Elder shepherd

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