Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Area - Cruz Alta

Hey family!
 I just sent off letters. What´s up?
     Right now I´m in a city called Cruz Alta 84 miles north of Santa Maria. The keyboards here are even more messed up than in the last place. My companions name is Elder Moroni. He´s a native, from Sao Paulo. the language is coming along really well. I spent 2 nights at the mission home cuz my companion is a DL and he had meetings to go to.

      I am emailing from an internet cafe in the city, it costs 2 rais for 1 hour, and that´s all we get. Letters [take too long], and I will only get them every 6 weeks during transfer time. There wasn´t any packages or letters waiting for me at the mission home. I gave my companion a blessing this morning cuz he was sicker than a dog. and it was all in Portuguese, so that was interesting.
     Oh ya, church yesterday was weird. there are supposedly 90 members in our ward area, but only like 30 people or so were at church. the church is really weak in the south. I had to give a talk which was totally on the spot during sacrament meeting, so that was an experience. I´ve constantly been writing in my journal about all the different experiences. I´ll write more experiences and stuff in letters cuz i cant remember all of them here. I get 120 rais every 15 days...which is like 65 bucks so not a lot of money. it´s for food, letters, and necessities.
      We eat every single meal with members, so that´s pretty good. a lot of rice and beans. and we get pop every lunch. Weird rules though, no Coke or Pepsi only Guarana and Fanta. So I´ll hate that when I'm home. The poverty in this city is crazy! You´ve got the super rich people, and the super poor people. They´re so so so generous though. They give us EVERYTHING that they have for lunch, and it´s rude not to eat it. I feel so bad. also, tons of stray dogs. I´ve been jumping into lessons as much as I can. They have a little different accent here than they did in Sao Paulo but not bad, I can still understand a lot more than I can say. The sports world looks good, how´s VHS  soccer? The roads here are all cobblestone, only the main street is pavement and we have to walk so far to appointments, which is hard cuz half the time the people aren´t even home. Let´s just say I´ll have some big legs when I get home.

Okay well I gotta go now! I love all of you!

Elder shepherd
PS> Also we can not play sports, it's a mission rule.

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