Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On His Way To Santa Maria

     Carson called home this morning,  6:30AM from the aiport in Sao Paulo.  Taylor was kind of awake, it took Hailey a little longer to respond. Carson was very up beat and excited,  "pumped",  he said "to get into the mission field in Santa Maria". He was traveling with 10 other missionaries headed to the same mission. They were going to board the plane in 5-6 minutes so we didn't have long. He indicated his Portuguese is about 90% understanding when the language is being spoken and he's at 60% when trying to speak it.  Pretty good for 6 weeks. "It will come much faster as I get into the field teaching" he pointed out. This is the test group of missionaries, part of the pilot program spending a total of 6 weeks in the MTC. The missionaries showing up at the MTC after will spend the normal 10 weeks in the MTC and then will be sent out.  They were jealous that Carson and the 10 others were shipping out before some that arrived earlier. : )

    Yesterday, Carson placed 4 Book of Mormons in an hour while working in the pouring rain. It was AWESOME!, he said.   Then he said, "Happy Mothers Day Mom!",  then he told Taylor to shape up his writing - apparently it has been difficult to decipher,  then to Hailey, keep up the dancing and soccer and softball!". [Carson wrote a letter to his little nephews, received yesterday,  encouraging scripture reading, prayer and preparation for missions;  it brought a tear to our eyes.]

      He asked about who was getting ready to go or who had received their calls. We told him Austin Phelps (Romania)  is being ordained an Elder Sunday,  he and Brian Nance (Capetown South Africa), Treavor Jensen and Katie Bodily have all spent time at the house. Elvonne Farrel's (Taiwan) farewell was Sunday. All of Carsons friends are  going to locations all over the globe!  Overall he is doing well, full of energy, and ready to work and teach. It was fun to hear his enthusiasm! 
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