Monday, May 7, 2012

A Letter 4-16-12

Hey Family,

So yes, we did celebrate Easter here to answer moms question. Every Sunday we have church from 9-12 noon. It feels like every other day of the week though, other than P-day. Sorry my emails are short. We don't get enough time on the computers, and the keyboard here are not the same. My testimony is getting stronger here.  I'm growing more close to the Lord and His gospel. Taylor, you need to get really comfortable with your scriptures! That's one thing I definitely regret not doing. I've had such a change of heart and mind here, and I love the work.  The language is coming surprisingly easy to this point.  I can't wait to get out into the field. The food isn't too bad, the fruit is really good.. and vegetables are still bad.... weird. We eat 3 meals per day but dinner is at 4:30PM which is too early.
     Our MTC rooms have 3 double closets and 3 sets of bunk beds. Its hard because all of the beds are exactly 6 foot 1 inch and I'm 6' 2".  So I can't ever get really comfy.  Also it's sooooo hot in my room. The clock Val gave me has a thermostat on it and guess how hot it is,  80.4 degrees on a good night. So I sweat all night every night. Luckily I have the top bunk under a fan so it is a little better.  The MTC is actually called the CTM here (pronounced see - tee- emee).  P-Day is so fun! WE have a large area around that we are allowed to go to, including a little shop that is totally black market.  I got a soccer jersey and a Ferrari watch for several rais [brazilian money currently 1.75 rais = $1.00 dollar]  I downloaded church music before I left and the Brazilians love it. 
     Thanks for supporting me going on a mission.  I'll try to figure out how to send pictures cuz we're not supposed to on these old computers. And we can only use our camera's on P-Day.  That is SWEET that Konor [Frey] is going to Singapore! 
     I gave both Books of Mormon away on the airplanes. One guy was a dentist who spoke little English. I just told him who I was and showed him the Book and challenged him to read it.  The other was a younger guy who sat by me in the airport , he was amazed that I was leaving everything behind for 2 years.

Your Son,

Elder Shepherd

Dad comment:
[Carsons dad challenged him to give away two Books of Mormon by the time he reached Brazil, but the catch was he had to testify of the book and  then tell them why he was on a mission and then challenge them to read it.  Nice job Carson!]

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