Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A visit from Elder Quentin L. Cook

      My companion, Elder Jensen, is from Pleasington California, and luckily this week another Elder came so I only have one companion again.  I am sicker than sick today so my email my not be too long. I think I got a bug in the food here last night, cuz I woke up with a massive fever in the middle of the night. 
     Elder Quentin L Cook, Apostle,   came and spoke to us yesterday. He gave a phenomenal talk about the importance of missionary work.  Basketball is still boring here, and the next best kids left for their missions today. The Sao Paulo Temple is beautiful, and I'm glad I get to listen to the session in English. I had the chills the whole time today during the session, so hopefully I get feeling better soon. I will definitely send longer emails once I'm out in the field. Sad news, I don't get to call home on mother's day.  
    I usually get your letters one week from when you send them. Ask a lot more questions in letters and less in emails. The language is coming along very well, I can almost always tell what's going on, I just haven't gotten the fluent speaking down quite yet.   
      Mail time for packages is generally 2 weeks. My letters will take 2 weeks to get to you guys. I miss everyone but I'm learning to love the MTC. We're going to tract our last 2 mondays in the MTC, so we haven't done any of that yet. My companions name is David Jensen, from Pleasington California. My other companion was from Idaho falls - his name is Ethan Kammerman. Sorry we don't have very long on the computers - I'll try to send more stuff via letters. My room here is hotter than hot. I wish they had better AC. I'm on the sixth floor which makes it hot! And we're not allowed to use the elevators. One of my suit cases got banged up during the flight, so it's kinda coming apart in the corner. I hope grandma is doing well, I'll have to write her in a little bit. Anything going on with VHS soccer? 
     It's a great experience constantly being around Brazilians all the time, and we're not allowed to speak English in the cafeteria which helps a lot. We have a certain distance away from the MTC we're allowed to go on P day, so you'll see pics when I send an SD card home. My whole district is sweet, our DL is 24 years old, graduated from college in psychology and he's from Minnesota. Everyone else is from California, Texas, Washington, and Oregon. I'll tell more specifics in letters. My testimony is growing sooooo strong in here. 
     Continue to pray twice a day and read the scriptures at least nightly and we'll be an extremely blessed family. I'm glad Sammie is alive too! She better be alive when I get home. Dad, read a talk by Van J Featherstone. it's all in portuguese, but i really liked it. You'll know which one it is when you see it. Just look through lds.org and google til you find it. I got that letter from Austin [Jelitto], I think it's a good idea to do that thing with all of the parents. Just attach whatever stories you want of mine into the thing. In the care package sent treats, and more Dayquil and Nyquil - that stuff is magic. My companion must have been super popular in high school, cuz he gets like 5 letters a day! That's what I need haha. Send some pictures in the mail....maybe 3 or 4 per letter so it can still bend. I'll probably send an SD card home next week. That's sweet that Tay's got a trainer now, hopefully he can get some sweet scholarship offers.  I love all of you!
    Elder Shepherd

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