Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sao Paulo MTC Life .

Hey family! I was blessed with ANOTHER companion this week! Now I'm in a trio!!!! The language is coming along sooooo easy for some reason! Sorry emails will be short, but I wrote back a letter to all of you last night! so ask a lot more questions in letters and just tell more stories in emails. Sounds like Austin [Phelps]and Taylor are having fun! I just met a missionary going to Tanner Kearney's mission {Angola, Africa]. haha. surprisingly there is no one from Utah here. I wanna especially thank Tay for being a great example to me. He read his scriptures more than I ever did! That's gonna help him here a ton. Hailey good luck in your dance competition!! You'll do great! Just don't think about boys and you'll get a 10 score! haha. Is Sammie [our beagle] still alive??  Is she fatter??
      My routine: I wake up at six-thirty, then eat, we have classes for language til noon, then we eat. then classes for gospel study til about 5 ish, then eat. then we have companionship language study and what not til 9, then bed.  I hope everything is going well at home! I get time from 9:30 every night til 10:30 to write in my journal and write letters. but I never get mail. The MTC isn't bad though, and time goes by sooooo fast! It seriously feels  liike one big day, with p-day and Sundays coming in between long days. The Sao Paulo temple is beautiful, we go there every morning on p-day and do a session.
     The food here is getting old really fast haha. we eat the same thing every breakfast lunch and dinner, pretty much. Any one else opened a mission call recently? I have some sweet pictures! There's a black market shop across the street where I got 3 soccer jerseys and a watch [for cheap]!! Keep sending me letters cuz I have a lot more time to do those! I've tried about every trick to get pics onto these computers but they're like on ultra lock-down. The language is almost down, I can say a fluent prayer and testimony. and my testimony is growing soooo strong here after being here for so little time. Try to say a a family prayer every night, and read a scripture or two,  just one verse will bless so many.  I love you all,  Carson

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