Wednesday, May 8, 2013

40 Lessons a Week and Rolling

How was your week?
It was really good.

How were your baptisms?
They didn´t happen... it got moved to this week. they did get married though!

How are the braces doing?  How often do you go to the orthodontist?  Is it like the orthodontist here?
The braces are doing well. My smile looks completely different! I go to the orthodontist once a month. I am allowed to go if there is some sort of problem though. Yeah it´s nothing different. it´s a college though, so there is a lot more movement in the practice. It´s cool though, and AIR CONDITIONED! 

Hello Family!

I am SO excited to talk to you guys, it´s crazy! [Mothers Day]  I´m excited!  There are just so many things to talk about. The mission is going by way too quickly. So yeah, this week went really well. We are still teaching about 40 lessons a week and ROLLING. Our family wasn´t able to get baptized this week, but I know it´s because the Lord wanted them to acquire an even firmer testimony of the word of wisdom at first. We challenged another family, Carla and Anderson, to get married and they accepted too! Woohoo! So they will be baptized on June 1st along with their 2 kids. We had 12 investigators at church with us yesterday, which is my record!  And , that was without the church bus functioning properly. We had a very blessed week, and we were very humbled by it. The internet café where we´ve been going lately doesn´t let me attach pictures on these weird computers but I´ll send another camera card off to you this week.

 We´ve gotten the ward really excited here and we are having family nights almost nightly with a TON of investigators each time. We´re teaching down in the ``Beco Mormon`` still. Today´s email is going to be short because I have burnt almost all of my time putting names onto the pictures. I´m sending home and transferring them to my pen drive.  Sorry! I´ll just be able to explain everything to you on Sunday though. The mission is so awesome. I am learning so much about our Savior and really trying to apply all of his teachings in my life. I love Jesus is the Christ. It´s an incredible book and I´m learning so much studying that in my free time. We are teaching the cutest older woman in the world. Her name is Eva, she´s a reference from the bishop´s wife. Her husband, Francisco, is 19 years younger. They are both super intelligent, so I love to teach them. She´s been at church the last few weeks and I can totally see her being baptized in the near future. Carlos had a little relapse, so his baptism was remarked to be this next Saturday too.   Elder Lopes is doing really well, and I am just trying to find little ways to serve him. He seems to be a lot happier about the missionary work with me, and we´re having a lot of success because of it. I finally got a Ward Council organized to where we were able to have a meeting last night with all of the leaders and combine to plan for an activity on the 25th. We´re going to do a ward talent show with popcorn. It´ll be super cheap but everyone sounded really excited about it. I´ll be playing the piano again it looks like haha.  

My buddies all sound like they´re having a blast on their missions and learning a lot as well. I´m learning a ton on the guitar too, which is way cool.  Hopefully I´ll be able to sing to that one of these days, like a pro. That convention that mom went to [BYU Women’s Conference] sounds like it was really cool. I´m glad Nat got to attend that class and enjoyed it! She´s awesome. I sent them a letter in that last package I sent you so I hope they got it. Invite them over next week! I´ll shoot them an email today too!

I love all of you! I´m excited for next week! Have a great week!


Elder Shepherd

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