Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Just Shot! But so Excited

How was your week?
Really good, but really really really really tiring. We ran all over our giant area about 1000000000 times and now.  I´m just SHOT!  And this week will be just as hectic. 

So do you still have baptisms next week?  How many?
We have the family of 5 going to get baptized on Friday night, and Carlos (the man who smoked) will be baptized either Friday or Saturday. So 6 for now, maybe more. 

Hey Family!

So sorry, this week is going to be extra short! I have to go get my hair cut before bishop closes down the shop! He´s a hair stylist, so that is where all the missionaries go in this ward because he does it for free.

We had another great week. Yesterday was Stake Conference, so we had to bring all of our investigators to my last chapel, which is way far away! We still were able to have 8 of them there! We had the family of 5, Silvio and Anne, and Ruan.  Carlos wasn´t able to make it because he got a huge blister on the top of his foot and couldn´t work.  He is a construction worker, so he´s got some gnarly boots he uses. It was a good excuse though, and he accepted to be baptized this week!  We´re going to have 6 baptisms this week! SO COOL. Silvio is Carlos´ brother, and Anne is Silvio´s daughter. They are way cool and have no problems with the commandments. They might be baptized too this week, we´ll just see what happens and how the Spirit directs us to see if they´re spiritually ready yet.
Ruan is their nephew. He´s only 10 so we´ll need his mom´s permission for him to be baptized. He comes every week with his uncles and he has tons of friends at the church, so I don´t think that there will be any problems.

We have another family that we are teaching... Anderson, Carla, and Bruna. We challenged them to get married yesterday and to be baptized on the 25th of May.
They are loving the church and feeling they´re questions being answered.

One of our investigators, Helena, was rushed to the hospital this week. She had a weird infection inside of her, so she had a quick surgery done. She´s already told her daughter, Sandra (a member), that she wants to be baptized and she´s already been to church with us twice. She´ll hopefully be baptized during this month as well. My Dunham shoes are about having it, so I might have to get some new shoes soon. We´ll have to see how much longer I can get them to hold up. There are still a ton of Americans waiting for Visas to come to my mission.  

I have been studying the life of Christ in the New Testament a lot lately. It really is so cool all of the little details in his teachings. You really can learn from every verse. Elder Bednar says that one study session can be just one verse going into all of the details.  

Also, I thought of another package idea! Hot Chocolate mix!!! Like a hot chocolate mix from Starbucks would be amazing!   Anyways, I hope all of you have a fantastic week!   
Well I love all of you! Have a great week!


Elder Shepherd

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