Monday, April 22, 2013

We're Seeing Miracles Here with Our Collective Faith

How many active members are there?
That´d be a hard number to put. I´d say between 80-90

Are they helping you? 
They´re starting to help us quite a bit more. We´ll see how things get going. 

How was your week?
It was really good again! We had 11 investigators at church again! A few new people, and a few that could make it this time. Things are really exciting in this ward and the members are helping us so much right now. With that activity that I told you about last week, people are just excited about missionary work. I also had the privilege to talk in sacrament yesterday, and I spoke about Every member a Missionary. It was good, but bishop only gave me like 6 minutes so it went by quickly. 

Did some of your families keep moving along?
Yes! We also had another family there. Anderson, Carla, and Bruna. Bruna has been coming for a while, but then we gave a super spiritual message about the atonement this past week and they all came. It was awesome. We visited them last night with our Elders quorum President and his wife. Carla shared an interesting comment, she said that every time that they have prayed for guidance or peace in the home, we [the missionaries] literally come knocking within 5 minutes. They interpreted that as their answer, so we´re going to have to get them married so they can be baptized. it´s going to take a while though because they´re both from different cities, and we´re going to have to get a hold of both of their birth certificates. 

Do you guys all share food or do you buy stuff and eat what you buy?
Normally we just buy our own stuff, but in this house we´ve been sharing and saving money a lot better. All 4 of us get along well, which is RARE, so I´m really enjoying this area so far. 

Hi Family!
Sorry today will be short, not a lot of time. We had a really good week, like I said above. We had those two families at church, which were the majority of our investigators, and another man named Carlos. He is doing sooooo well with quitting smoking! We went there last night really quickly and he said he hadn´t put a cigarette in his mouth in two days! So so cool!
     WE have family night tonight with Helena, she´s the mom of Sandra, a member. She´s been at church the last 2 weeks and last week she asked us when we could mark her baptism. So cool! We did a fast as a Ward on Saturday for all of these people. We took around names of our investigators and asked the Ward to fast with us. We´re seeing miracles here with our collective faith; it´s been pretty amazing.

The mission seems like it´s only getting better and better, yet the time is getting shorter and shorter. I feel like I´m becoming the best missionary I can possibly be, yet it´s coming up in the second year. In chapter 6 of PmG it talks about Christ-like attributes and that´s what I´ve been studying every morning for the last while. As I have learned to apply these things into my life, I am seeing more success. Not only outward success, but I am feeling happier and more in-tune with the spirit as well. That would be a chapter that would be awesome for the youth to study. I´d recommend it.  I don´t have grandma Frome´s email, but tell her happy 80th birthday for me! I love all of you!
Have a great week!

Elder Shepherd

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