Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teaching a Family of 10 is a RARITY Here in Brazil

Barcellos Family with the Missioaries

Tell us about any investigators at church?
We had 9 investigators at church this week. It was actually a really successful week. We´ve got 2 baptisms set up for Saturday, so I hope they go through. Helena is the mom of the member who´s house I talked to you guys at. And Ane, a young woman who lives close to the chapel is at. We´re teaching Ane´s dad as well, and he´s coming to church, he said he´s just not ready for the commitment yet. The challenge is still on the table for him to be baptized on Saturday as well. His name is Silvio. We also had 5 other young women at church with us. Andrielly and Francielly are sisters and live right by the mission home. They have been to church before. We´re teaching the whole family but they´re most interested. They already have friendships in the young women´s organization. We had 3 other sisters there, Suelen, Cristieli, and Laryssa. They are all like 15-18 years old. The other missionaries were giving us some laughs cuz we had so many girls there haha; we´re teaching all of their families though. They all said they´d come to seminary tonight, so hopefully they go there and start building up friendships there. We just can´t make the same friendships with the young woman as we can with complete families and young men. We´ve made really good friends with their families though, and this week we´ve got a lot of lessons planned with the members at their homes. We´ll see what happens. Andersen and his daughter Bruna came again. The marriage is taking forever to start, so it will be a while longer until that family of 4 is baptized. They´ve all accepted though and Carla, the wife, came to an activity last Saturday and loved it! So they´re integrated very well as well. 

Tell me about the ward mission leader who facebooked me today and sent your abracaos?
He´s a good guy. He was re-activated about 8 months ago after leaving the church for years. His wife isn´t a member and only one of his teenage sons is a member; he´s good to go on visits. Usually I´ve had to mark meetings with the ward counsel and him separately because he lives so far away from the church and works a lot. He´s a really good guy though with an inspired testimony and he loves to go on visits with us after work. 

What is the weather like there?
It´s for sure starting to cool off. It´s really nice though because I was sick of the heat.

How was your conference?
Really good! We studied about the life of Paul the apostle. We looked into how he had so much success as a missionary and the attributes he applied to the work. I want to do my best to acquire the same attributes as him. 

Do you know what date you will get your new mission president?
They make the change on June 30th.

Hi Family!
We had just another great week. We had those 9 investigators at church with us.
The Barcellos family is such a great family, where I skyped on Mother’s Day. We always have family nights there and they´ve been so so supportive with the missionary work. They are really excited for the baptism of Sandra´s mom on Saturday.
We had a huge lunch at the Bishop´s house after church on Sunday. I shared the message after lunch. I shared Ether 12, about faith and miracles. We established a goal with everyone to have 180 people at church by the end of August. I feel like it will happen; we´re all going to fast every month and pray every night for that to happen. As missionaries we can baptize people, but the responsibility of the ward will be the re-activation.
Sorry this email is really short. We had a great week but not really any new stories. I´m really excited for the families that we are teaching right now. The family of 10 is a RARITY out here in the mission field, especially in Brazil. They´re taking the visits, so hopefully they will all come to church next week. The family that lives by the mission home really likes us, and has promised to come to church next week. One of our investigators fell back into his habits, so that was really frustrating, we´re trying to help him as much as possible though.
Hailey you better be staying away from the boys. No dating or anything til I get home. Keep workin hard Tay!
I hope everyone is doing well.
I love you all very much! Have a great week! Be safe!

Elder Shepherd

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