Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years 2013

How was your Christmas?
Really good! We did a cool little family night after we talked, then slept - haha. 

Did you get any packages besides grandma's and grandma & grandpa's?
Not yet. Someone is bringing the stuff in Rosario to me on Friday. 

How many miles do you & your companion's new area cover?
I would guess it´s about 5-6 square miles. Not huge, but still pretty big. 

How are the families in the ward there in Santa Maria, do you have some ward mamas?
They are good. I haven´t spent a lot of time getting to know members yet, so those things will come within the next few weeks. 

Are there horses there or just cars?
There are horses too, but not near as many as Rosario. Mostly cars. 

Do you guys have anything planned for New Years?
Teaching! We have to be home by 9:30. Everyone here will be drinking for New Year’s haha. 

How is the new companion?
He´s pretty good. We´ve got some people that could be baptized already. So the month of January is looking good. 
How is the new ward?   Do you have many lessons set up? Are members helpful?
It´s a lot more active than the other wards I´ve served in. We have some pretty good investigators already. It´s like sales, the KEY is to get in the door! That´s what I´m really trying to focus with my companion on. The members are helpful.  . We´re working on a few ideas to get them more involved though. We´re working on a game where families gain points when they help us, and when they hit a certain amount of points, they get a prize from the missionaries (like cookies, or some kind of treat).

Hello Family!
Happy New Years!  It´s 2013 tomorrow. That is so crazy! I will be out for 9 months on Friday. Time has absolutely flown by. Sorry today will be short because i am organizing my camera card to send it home to you and nothing really exciting happened this week, just Christmas. We didn´t have any investigators in church today, but we´ll for sure have some next week. 

I love all of you! I´ll write a lot more next week! Have a great week!


Elder Shepherd

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