Monday, December 10, 2012

It's almost Christmas

Christmas Photo I

Christmas Photo 2

How was the week?
Good.  It passed really fast. Christmas is almost here!

Will you be staying in Rosario for the next transfer or will you maybe get transferred?
Today is transfer day and none of us are leaving.  Us 4 will be here in the city still.

Is there anything I should tell Janet Staples to send with Josh that you wish you would have taken with you?
Tell her to send him with deodorant and lots of socks and garments. 

How are you on supplies (deodorant, etc.)?
Good on everything. My candy supply is running low, I´m using that to compensate with the fact that I´m not drinking pop anymore. 

Hi Family!

Not a super eventful week, just a lot of running around and teaching. We have a couple marked for baptism on the 22nd, with their wedding set for the 21st. They´re an older couple, Vanderlei and Mari. Crazy thing is that they have been investigators for 17 years and never wanted to get married or baptized. They just like the church and it´s teachings. We gave a really powerful message about the responsibilities in the temple that they both have as well as Alma 34, which talks about procrastination with repentance. They quickly changed their minds and everything is set to go. They have a million teaching records in our area book. Every set of missionaries for 17 years has passed their house and nothing has come of it. It really looks like the Lord has prepared a way for us once again. We also had a baptism marked for this past Saturday. It fell through for a couple of random reasons, so it´s re-marked for next Saturday. To answer dad´s question, no we don´t get to go to the Porto Alegre Temple during the mission. And I have a record of all of my baptisms. I keep a record of their names, addresses, cool things about them, emails, facebook, and phone numbers. I´ll for sure keep in touch with all of them. We had a lot of people in church again, about 70-72 people, and 5 investigators. 3 of them have to be married first to be baptized, so nothing is really progressing right there. The other two are Vanderlei and Mari, who will be baptized soon.

Next week we´ll be baptizing a young woman named Suelen. She´s my height and she´s 13!!!!!!!! She´s part of an incomplete family who we´ve recently re-activated, so she will help our young women´s program out a ton. She is Joao Marcelo and Jessica´s cousin. We baptized those two, two weeks ago. So yeah, sorry this week was just really boring. I wish I had a lot more to say. My companion is progressing really well and teaching a lot better. It´s all about confidence and the spirit when we teach. I told him that we need to go into every house imagining the people all dressed in white, and that we will do whatever is necessary to get them to that point. Elder Rodrigues got a box today that is, no joke, like 40 pounds. He´s from Sao Paulo so obviously it´s a lot cheaper but still.... it´s huge!!!! I´m jealous of that.

The NFL looks like it´s going really well. Robert Griffin III is going to be a really good player. But we all know who the best quarterback in the world is... my man Tom Brady, and he´s dating a Brazilian super model so everyone here knows who he is as well cuz she´s from this area of brazil.

On the Christmas stuff... I´ll have to think about my Skype name and Password... cuz I honestly don´t remember. I´ll ask Katie what it is cuz she´s a girl and obviously will remember detailed things like that. Grandma sent my Christmas packages to Santa Maria, so I´ll be getting those on the 19th during our zone conference. I sent a Christmas card home to the family on Wednesday, so I hope you get that before Christmas. I put a couple of pictures in there too. Like I already said to you last week remember that I want my time to talk to you 4 and Katie. Then I can just talk to the rest of the family as they wish. I´ll talk to Katie last. Then I´ll just talk to all of you together before we say goodbye.  I attached some pictures of our Christmas photo day. There are a ton more that you can look at when I send the card. Hopefully I send it off soon. 

This next week should be pretty good. It has been raining some days lately, so it´s coolin off a little. Only problem is when it stops raining it gets super humid. It´s just like Florida.

Well I love all of you! Have a great week! The church is true.


Elder Shepherd

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