Monday, December 24, 2012

Transferred to Santa Maria, Baptism of Eduardo

Nativity Scene in Santa Maria, Carson looking over the Baby Jesus

How was your week?
Really confusing and hectic. but now it´s just perfect because i know the Lord works in mysterious ways. I´ll explain everything that is going on below.

What are your plans for Christmas (besides Skyping us)?
We are going to be eating with a lot of other missionaries. Then we will be visiting some less-active members and playing some basketball.

Can you email us back your Skype account user name & password ?
I honestly have no idea what it is. I´ll have to figure it out tomorrow. if anything I´ll just make a new account.

Did you have a Christmas Program yesterday for church?
Kind of. Just the little kids got up and sang a song, then the bishop gave the final talk on Christmas.

Did you get packages (2 flat ones from us, 1 big box later from us, 1 from Grandma Frome and 1 from Grandma Shepherd)?
I got a package from Grandma Frome and Grandma Shepherd.

Hello Family!
Okay so today will be fairly short, but I will explain what´s going on. On Wednesday we had our zone conference for my area in Rosario do Sul. After the training President talked with me and asked me if I would be willing to transfer to Santa Maria. He told me he needed me here. I was kinda bummed, but I said okay. The crazy part was that I was supposed to pick up a bus the next morning to come here, so I had literally no time to say goodbye to anyone - ( I picked up a new missionary. He is from Santiago, Chile. He speaks like 80 percent Spanish. His full name is Italo Benjamin Gula Chacoff. I really like him though and we are getting along really well. We live with the assistants.... I am pretty sure that´s why President had me come here. Because I have been doing divisions with them, and I`ve been the senior companion?
We all went and played basketball this morning, so that was like the highlight of my time since I´ve been here. Elder Gula got transferred here last week too, so we are basically opening this area. The elder´s that left here had a baptism marked for Saturday, so I baptized my first weekend here! haha. it was really sad leaving Rosario, especially after watching that area grow so much. I got there with 45-50 people at church and left there with 70-75. I really wanted to see the area get to 100. Oh well, I did my part and the lord will now take care of the rest! They will have baptisms all throughout January now. Sorry today is going to be really short. I´ll attach a photo of the young man we baptized on Saturday. His name is Eduardo. He´s 14, a way cool kid. He´ll be really good in the young men´s program. 
Eduardo's Baptism,  In Santa Maria December 22, 2012
 I went from one of the smallest branch's in the mission to the strongest ward. There were about 130 people at church yesterday. I´m in the middle of Santa Maria, so it´s way different with huge buildings all around and people everywhere to talk to.  But..... lunches have been amazing!!!! I´ll be able to describe it all to you tomorrow.
I´ll still be calling you around noon your time.  

I love you all! Merry Christmas!

Elder Shepherd

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