Tuesday, January 8, 2013

They both Prayed, Received answers, and Came to Church

How was your week?
Good. Hot and rainy. 

Are you getting around the city easier?
Yeah I have our new area basically memorized. It´s actually way smaller than my area was in Rosario. 

How was your teaching this and the families, what are they like?
Really good families. We have two that we are focusing on. Hopefully both for baptism this month. We´ll see

Did you get any of the packages yet?
I got the two small ones you sent forever ago to Rosario. That´s everything that has gotten there thus far.

Did you send another sd card yet?
Yes I sent on last Monday. It´ll get there within a month I´m guessing. 

Hi Family!
So we had a really good teaching week this week. We found quite a few new investigators and taught 38 lessons. A lot of running around in the rain. People are really bad with appointments here so that´s really frustrating. It´s gonna be another short email today again because really not a lot is happening. We are teaching a mom and her daughter right now that live in these really nice apartments. The mom´s name is Elizabete and the daughter´s is Tuani. They both came to church yesterday! I was so happy for them. They both have a baptismal date marked for the 19th of this month. We did a contact with the daughter in the street; then went there this past week. They are both really intelligent, which makes teaching so much easier. Our church makes a lot of logical sense as well, so it was simple for them to understand that all they had to do was pray to find out if it was true. They both prayed, received answers, and came to church. Loved it! We are going to be teaching them tomorrow, then we have a family night with them and some members planned out for Friday. That´ll be really fun. I´ll make a treat or something to share with everyone. So there is a book that you should try and find and send me. it´s called Day of Defense. I´d love that if you could find it. Hopefully in these next few weeks I start to get more of the stuff you have sent me. 

We are teaching another family. The mom´s name is Maria and the dad´s is Luciano. They have two kids, 12 and 11. They´re a way cool family, down to earth, and ready to make a religious decision with their lives. They are a reference from a member who gave them a Christmas DVD. We gave their daughter a blessing on Friday because she got some weird rash on her back, and on Saturday it was gone. The mom told us on Saturday that she wanted to join the church and had prayed and a received an answer. The only problem is that they aren´t legally married and Luciano is going to travel for the next month. So they will just be coming to church without him for a while and waiting to start the marriage process. The next set of missionaries with help them quickly to baptism. 

Sorry this week is really short again. I just finished reading the Book of Mormon and really studying it along the way this time. It´s so cool all of the life answers that the book reveals. It´s also way interesting all of the stuff that you can learn while reading about the wars. I wouldn´t be surprised if a general in a modern day war used Book of Mormon war tactics and it help him out. Imagine a video game of the Book of Mormon Tay! That´d be a cool game.
So Santa Maria is really growing on me now. I´m starting to adjust to the work and the people here. And the ward here is so awesome. They are starting to help the missionaries a lot more. We got a lot of them really excited about missionary work this past week. So we´ll see what starts happening with all of them. Tay keep working hard in swimming buddy! you´ll get those seconds trimmed off! Just remember that the one who works the hardest at practice will always pull ahead when it really counts. and Hailey keep workin hard in softball! Get your name in the coaches head so that they can´t get it out! Then when she writes the list for the team your name will be stuck in her head!

I miss all of you a lot! I hope you have a great week! 

Elder Shepherd

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