Thursday, October 31, 2013

So It Was An ICE Cold Baptism

How was your week?
eh, just another busy week.... not much more to say than that haha I´ve been preparing trainings every day in the mornings. I think I´m on the phone more than I´m actually doing my own work cuz I´m always talking to other missionaries in the whole mission. 
How many cities have you traveled to this week?
Just one other, and this week just one. Next week we´ll really start to travel. Generally it´ll be one city per week. 
Is there just 4 missionaries there in San Gabriel?
No, there are 2 branches with 4 missionaries in each branch. The other branch has 4 sisters. 

Hey Family!
So, another busy week, with zero exciting stories. Well, actually, I went to Rosario and baptized a woman that I´d taught last year there. She is the girlfriend, now wife, of the member who hooked me up with my guitar. He´s a returned missionary and they finally decided to get married and she decided to get baptized. They saw me at a conference and she told the missionaries there that she wanted me to baptize her. My companion had to do her baptismal interview, then we had the baptism right after. The Elders there forgot to fill up the baptismal font, so it was an ice-cold baptism. The water was only up to just above my knees, so she sat on the bottom and I kneeled and she just laid down to be baptized. It was FREEZING. Other than that there wasn´t really anything interesting this week.

Just lots of preparing for the next two weeks of traveling. Our teaching group gets smaller and smaller each week because we are just passing our investigators to the other companionship to teach because they have a lot more time than we do. We are generally just coordinating the activities with the ward members and always with the young men at the church. While they´re playing, the other companionship is teaching their families in their homes.

This is the 4th year in a row that the [Viewmomnt] girls´ team has played in the state championship and they lost again. 1 for 4!!! That´s too bad.

Cristian, a young man that we re-activated in Rosario, came here this week to open his mission call! Guess where he´s going?? Sao Paulo Norte! I was so happy! That was a BIG fruit from my work here on the mission. He is really excited, leaving January 14th. Marco Aurelio was baptized in Santa Maria on Saturday. That was an incredible day.

So, I will have to say that I am the master of making cakes out of scratch now. I made a way good dump-cake last week on pday for our district.  The man from the radio, Alcino, is really excited and helping us a lot. He´s our Ward Mission Leader and always calling us for updates or passing references. We may have not baptized this transfer, my first, but I´m really happy that we were able to re-activate him. It made the whole transfer worth it. Sorry, boring again today! I love you all very much! Have a great week!


Elder Shepherd

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