Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Zone Re-Activated 26 Members

How was your week?
Good, and really busy. Again. I think that´s all I´m going to be writing til the end of my mission haha. 

How much did you have to travel this week?
I just went to Santa Maria for two days to train the mission leaders. 

Has the president told you anymore about if they will be able to get you extended?
I WILL NOT be extended. The visa issue won´t workout

Is the weather getting hot?
It´s not extremely hot yet, but you could say that it´s warming up.

Hello Family!
This week was an effective week. I taught a huge training about member missionary work for the zone leaders, the other assistants, and President and Sister Parrela on Wednesday basically all day. It was awesome! The missionaries in the entire mission are focusing more and more on working with the members each day. Our creative ideas are working here! Our zone re-activated 26 people in the month of October, with only 12 missionaries. With this focus, I feel that we will be able to create this Stake by the 31st of December (cuz that´s our goal!).

We´re going on the radio again tonight... it´ll be at 4:00 your time! On the page there is a little icon on the right that says OUÇA AGORA. Click on that and you can listen to us. Today´s email is going to be really weak again because I have been more of an administrator than a minister lately. It´ll probably be like this until the end of my mission, but if I can influence the rest of the missionaries to baptize weekly, mission complete!  

 We have been running the activities in the chapel all day every day still, so I´m feeling more like an evangelical preacher than a missionary since we´re always in the chapel, but it´s been a success til now.  

We finally found an incredible family from the soccer idea. We went to one of the young men´s homes yesterday night and were able to teach his mom and his aunt with him. It was a great lesson, and it turns out that she has a brother who was baptized years ago! Her mom used to rent out a house to the missionaries about 20 years ago so she had a lot of knowledge about the church. Her name is Claudia, the young man´s name is Felipe. He´s a little stud. He loves coming to soccer and Claudia loved it even more when he told her that we pray every day before they begin playing. We´ll be passing them to the other dupla to teach soon and we´ll continue to find new people. This method of working is a lot more effective. We are having success and I feel like the Stake will happen on the 31st!  

I´m sorry for the weak emails lately! This week I think I´ll be traveling tomorrow, I´ll let you know next week about the new traveling experiences. I love you all very much! Have a great week!


Elder Shepherd

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