Monday, October 14, 2013

We're Teaching the Gospel on the Radio

Carson with a member just before they will talk on local radio station:

How was your week?
It was for sure the best week we´ve been here so far! Solid teaching group now and the branch really likes us. 

Did you have your baptism on Saturday?
No, i think we´ll baptize a family and 2 others on the 26th. we´re going to try to mark the set dates this week. 

How's the weather?
HOT. I need it to be cold because I hate sweating! 

Are the people there warming up to you & your companion?
 They are building their trust in us because we´ve been having a lot of success with the activities that we´re doing.

Hi Family!
I have so much stuff to do today so this email will be really short. I´m sorry but you know I love you all. We are eating with our district in the chapel and it´s my turn to cook so we´ve got to go early so that the food is ready by noon. Some of the members eat with us and they have to be back to work by 1. It sounds like mom had a blast in California. We are really gaining the confidence and trust of the members here. The activity that we are doing with the young men at the chapel is going so well! We are finding so many people to teach with it. This week we had 11 investigators playing soccer, and we´ve been to about half of their homes already and almost all of their families are taking the visits. A member invited their friends to church and we also are beginning to teach them. It´s a SWEET family. And they´ve got a car, which makes it all a lot easier to get them out to church on Sundays. He is for sure a future Elder´s Quorum President. We had the niece of one of our members that came. She had already been taught in the past. She´s 20, and her name is Bibiana. She felt the spirit so strongly during testimony meeting and cried. Hopefully she will be baptized next week, and if not then the next week. Her aunt, who isn´t a member, also came and LOVED it. These will be the first baptisms in this branch in over a year. President called us last night at midnight and woke us up just to say parabens. 

Tonight I will be on the radio here! We re-activated a man and his wife who have a program on the radio. He is an ex-bishop who hasn´t come to church in 8 years. He was called as our ward mission leader yesterday and we´re going to work with him a lot. On Saturday we were on the radio for 3 hours, and tonight we´ll be on at 9 o´clock til midnight. President loved the idea and said we could. We taught like all of the missionary lessons over the radio and received lots and lots of phone calls into the radio station asking for visits at people´s homes. The website is DAD get online and listen to it! I think it´ll be at 6 your time. It´ll be at 9 here, so you´ll have to let me know if you hear me. You can tune in on the computer. The picture is of me and the member on the radio.

I love working with creative ideas, so these past few weeks have been so great for us. We´ve also been finding quite a few in-active members though contacting the less-active members. We´re doing lots of family nights with all of them to get them excited again about the work of salvation. I´m sorry today is bad but we´ve gotta go.

I love you all very much! Have a great week, I hope you get to hear me on the radio today! We´re going to sing some songs and talk about the church. 


Elder Shepherd

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