Monday, June 24, 2013

President Ribeiro Trade Tomorrow with President Parrela

Did you watch the broadcast to mission presidents & missionaries at BYU last night? 
If so, what did you think of the changes?
Nope we didn´t watch it. I didn´t even know about it, other than you asking about it last week. We´ll probably hear something about it this week. 

Hi Family!
     We had 2 more baptisms this week! 

Baptisms Saturday Cristieli and Kauã

So it was another successful week. I´m on early today because of the transfer. We have to get our bags ready and say bye to people if we´re transferred, so we came early. Hopefully I get to stay here. I don´t want to be transferred because I love this ward. I guess we’ll see what happens. Our 2 baptisms this week went smoothly. I baptized the girl and elder lopes baptized the boy. They´re brother and sister of the baptisms from last week. The mom, Luciana, is basically already a member. She has accepted everything. It´s really hard for us to talk to her husband because he is never home. . Maybe he´ll see the difference in his kids and he´ll accept shortly. I really hope so
 In reality this week went by really slow. I worked as hard as possible though, and we had 8 investigators at church with us. So that was sweet! There were so so many people at church this week, it was awesome! I think it´s cuz the ward knows that there will be some changes in the missionaries, and they love my companionship. We get tons of references, and always are inviting them to do visits with us.
The names of the baptisms last week are Larissa and Suelen, and the 2 from this week were Cristieli and Kauã. The first picture is of the baptism, and the second is right by a huge lake on the backside of our area.

Huge Lake in our Area

Our area is divided by some mountains, so we´ve got a lot of hill-climbing to do. That´s not too fun when we´re running from appointment to appointment. I am half-way done reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish right now. I read at least one chapter every morning out loud. I have already read it in Portuguese and English. President Hinckley made a promise that if you read the Book of Mormon out loud and study the language at the same time, you will speak and comprehend the language afterwards. I speak Spanish with Elder Cuadra every day. It´d be awesome to be fluent in all three of them when I get home.  

Tay, go try and get the job at Lagoon that I had!! Talk to Shane and tell him that you´re my brother. It sounds like Trek was a great time. I´ll never forget the time I went. It was a blast, and it really brings you down to earth about the sacrifices that the pioneers made. Watching 17 miracles just makes you think a lot about all that we are blessed with to live where we live and have the blessings of the gospel that we have. Poor little Sammie is just too chubby. I can just imagine her waddling up the hills. At least she didn´t have a heart attack.  

 It´s too bad we weren´t able to watch the BYU broadcast. We´ll see how our next president is with all of these kinds of things. I really hope that he liberates us to play sports!! The trade happens tomorrow. President Ribeiro and Sister go to the airport with the mission car, give the keys to President and Sister Parrela, and that´s that. They make a 5 minute conversation in the airport, and that´s all they get to talk. It´ll be interesting. They´re going to start by coming around to all of the houses and getting to know all of the missionaries.   Now all of my buddies are going to be coming home. Jake Gibbs and Matt Grayston come home pretty quick. It´s crazy. I love you all very much! Have a great week! I´ll let you know all of the news of the tranfer next Monday! 

Elder Shepherd

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