Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We Were Able to Find a Ton of New People to Add to Our Teaching Group

How was your week?
Really good again!  We were able to find a ton of new people to add to our teaching group, which is becoming to be MASSIVE!

Did your baptisms go through?  If so, how were they?
They fell through again.  God had it happen though because now their little brother will be baptized with them and the whole family is now coming to church with us. God just wanted it to wait another week. So, we´ll be having 4 baptisms this Saturday. 

When are the next transfers?
On the 23rd of this month.  

Hi Family!
We had another really good week. We worked a lot with the members this week to visit the families that we´re teaching and it is really paying off. The 4 that are going to be baptized this week are Suelen, Crystyellen, Laryssa, and Kawa. They are part of a GOLDEN family. We´ve been teaching them for a little while and were finally able to teach the dad last night. It happened to be his birthday, so there were a lot of people there for us to teach. The Lord has really been blessing my companion and me.  We found another family that lives right in front of one of the members. The mom works in an internet café nearby, and I went in and just talked to her there. She told me she´d be glad to hear our message with her husband and 2 kids. We marked a visit WITH the member and it was so awesome. The dad´s name is Marko Aurelho, he´s a military captain. He´s got a guy that works with him who´s a member that´s given him a ton of church books and has explained a lot about the church to him already. The mom is Claudia. It´s a super good family and they´re LEGALLY MARRIED!  It´s a miracle, haha. We taught the Restoration and they understood it all. They weren´t able to come to church yesterday because they already had something marked, but next week they´ll be coming for sure. I have been trying to get a hold of the member who works with him to let him know what he´s doing for the Lord´s kingdom.  

We only had 7 people at church with us yesterday. Kind of a bummer, but this week will be a lot better. It´s because on Saturday night there was a dance at the church for all ages and it was packed! All of our investigators were there and it got done at like 11:30PM. So it´s kind of our own fault that everyone was sleeping in on Sunday. We stopped by the dance when we were on our way home to grab some food! That´s the best thing about going to the church activities. We put the dance on and set it all up, then when back out tracting. Great success.

We´ve got a lot youth going to seminary each night in the chapel. The members have been helping us a ton with the families that we are teaching. They´re really excited about the missionary work. The speakers for church didn´t show yesterday, so I gave my 4th talk here, gave the closing prayer, taught the new members and investigators class, and taught the young women´s class.
On Saturday we set up paintings in the park and did contacting there for 3 hours. I did like 200 contacts and got a ton of addresses. We do it at the park in the center of the city, which is just outside of our area, because people walk through there who live all over the city. Then we bring the names back to the mission office and send out the addresses to the different areas. It´s helped my companion and I find new people to teach, so I´m hoping it´ll help all the missionaries in the city. I even got names from other cities that we sent to the other missionaries.  . Everyone always comes up to us to ask us how much the paintings cost haha. The picture is of a vineyard. They make wine there! Its up in the mountains at the very end of our area. It was cool to go up there the other day. The sun was right in my eyes so the picture isn´t very good.   
 More and more young men are coming to seminary now because of all the new young women going. Who´d have thought?  ;)  haha. Tonight we´ve got a family night planned in Itaara, the other city in our area.  

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Work hard and read the Book of Mormon every day!

Elder Shepherd

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