Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission President Elder Parrela, New Companion Elder Sol

How was your week?
It was very good. I am really liking my new companion.

Hows the Weather (it is about 101 degrees here in Centerville)?
It is cold, much better  than it was a few weeks ago.

Did you or your companion get transferred?
Yes, Elder Lopes is the new companion with Elder Law now and I have a new companion.He's been out 3 months on the mission. I am living with Elder Lopes and Elder Law. I kept our teaching group of families.

Is so, How is your new companion, tell us about him?
His name is Bruno Sol Bispos dos Santos. He is from Botucatu, Sao Paulo. He is very green in the mission but he is great!. We work together very well.   He was born in the covenant. His father served in Porto Alegre and his mother in Belo Horizonte. He is the oldest child in their family.

Hi Family,
So it will just be in Portuguese, so have fun translating. [Dads translation is what follows]
This is going to be very short as as well, because we are going to go play basketball  today after we sleep.  We had a very good week. I am happy mom is ok after her car accident.  I hope the government sends those illegals out of the country. This week was the first week that we have not had anyone at the church with us, just members. This made me very sad. I know that the Lord is testing my faith. Our entire teaching group is incredible. I thought we would have had more people there, but this week the timing was just off. Something that I learned is that everything happens on the Lords time, nothing more than this.  We will attend a wedding this week. Anderson and Angelica finally decided that they needed to get married so they could progress in the gospel. The way of God is not easy but it’s possible with much faith and patience. 

I really like my new companion. He loves sports and so I finally have someone with me that I can talk to about sports. I saw yesterday that the Brazil beat Spain in the “CUP” here.  All of the people were going crazy. It was awesome. I talked again in church. My Fourth time! I took a photo of me and my companion here in the LAN House. This transfer will be an effective transfer. The mission baptized 45 total in June and my companion and I baptized 5.  With 140 missionaries its a small number.  I think the new mission president will help a lot. I spoke with him yesterday!  He is going to be a very good.  He is retired military and worked as Coordinator of Genealogy for all of Brazil before that.  He served a mission in Porto Alegre and his wife served a mission in Sao Paulo South. She is from Cruz Alta, haha.  So basically, they are in their home area here.  

We attended the BYU Fireside yesterday. It was super good. I saw Austin Jelitto there on his mission [Washington D.C.], How crazy is that?

It’s going to be strange here soon. We are going to start using Facebook for one hour in the mornings talking to investigators and members from the ward.  I think at first it will be very different but in the future it will be very effective.
There were many announcements yesterday that the missionaries will like.  I think the church will continue to focus on Genealogy with the missionaries as a way to make contact with people. 

I love all of you very much and hope that all is going well.  Everyone have a great week.

Elder Shepherd

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