Monday, July 16, 2012

Teaching from the Bible

How was the last week Carson?  
Great! we´ve been working really hard and have a lot of new families.
Any new investigators to church with you? 
Only one, and it´s cuz she´s the grandma of our baptism Saturday.
Are you and Elder Sa still teaching 20 lessons a week?
Yes, usually 18-21
Are you still eating at the ward Mom's house (Sister Chris)?   
Yeah we stop by like once a week.
How many are coming to church on a weekly basis?

Roughly 80;so like 20% of the ``members``.
Have you broke off and ever starting kicking the soccer ball with the kids in the streets?  
Umm yes! haha. sometimes I can´t resist.
What's the weather like now?
Freezing. But I love it.
Are your shoes, clothes and stuff holding up?
Yep. it´s all good.
Have you been pretty healthy?
Nope. haha I´m gaining a lot of weight I think. So i´ll start eating better.

Sounds like everyone is doing well! no bad sunburns or injuries haha. It´s all great down here in the southern end of the world. It´s freezing right now, cuz the homes here aren´t insulated. I love it though. My companion is not used to the cold, so he´s having a little bit more of a difficult time. This week went really well. we had a baptism yesterday, little girl named Melissa. but the next step is to baptize her whole family. I think we will. my companion and I are like the 2 tallest people here in Cruz Alta haha. I´m really excited because next week church is going to now begin at 2:30PM  instead of 9AM. I think that will make it a lot easier for our investigators to attend. It´s just so dang cold in the mornings here, so hard for them to get up and get their whole family going. That´s definitely our struggle right now. so many good investigators and so many lessons: but no one wants to come to church. So we´ll keep working on that this week. I really like to use the Bible when we teach because everyone here has somewhat of a testimony of the Bible. So I'm learning how to navigate through that really well.
So do we have 2 giant tv´s upstairs now? sweet gaming room now huh Tay? haha i´m glad Austin [Phelps] and Bryan [Nance] got off well. Let´s hope they have a great time in the MTC. 
So right now I´m studying in D&C. I found an interesting scripture that will be really good to demonstrate for young men getting ready to serve missions. D&C 11:21. Read through it. Very true. 
Sounds like Nat and Jack are doing well.  Sweet that they got a piano! That should be great! Cole will be a piano master! Tay sounds like he´s tearing it up in swimming! I´m way stoked for him! Sorry my emails have been short. Not a lot of stories! I write all my thoughts down though, so you´ll be able to read them when I get home haha! Keep working your butt off in softball Hailey! Sounds like you´re doing great! I love all of you!

Elder Shepherd

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