Monday, July 30, 2012

Message at Church was Perfect

I had an inquiry from someone reading the blog regarding their daughter being  called to your mission. So tell us what you can about the sisters in your mission, what cities are they in and how many are there in your entire mission?
They randomly move around just like the Elders. So the cities change. There are like 20, I think, maximum.

Number of Brazilian Sisters vs. Americans

Total Baptisms per month for your mission?
Usually like 40 or less.

Anything else you find interesting about the Sisters working in the Santa Maria Mission?
Not Really. Haha. I don’t know too much more about them. Same rules and everything.

How is your family you found last week?  Are they still up for baptism on the 11th?
Yes! All is well with them! They came to church yesterday and it was awesome.

Will it snow in your area?  
No. a lot of people remember the only time it has snowed here. Like 1978 or something. Lots of snow that day - randomly.

How was your week?
Really good. and super fast.

Do you have fruit like you did in Sao Paulo?
It´s the cold season so we don´t eat a lot of fruit. but the fruit we do eat is great.
 Do you go to grocery stores or do they have open market kind of shopping?
We go to a store called Nacional. It´s owned by Wal-mart.of course .haha

Do you hear anything about the Olympics there?
Yes everyone is always watching them. So I feel like i´m pretty updated.

Who are you teaching?
We have a couple good families right now, and a young couple. We try to not focus on children alone, without their families. 

Who is close to baptism?
The family mentioned above. August 11th

Have you seen how the gospel is blessing lives of those who have not had it? 
Yes we have that incredible family. They said that they almost got a divorce and were fighting a lot. The day we knocked on their door they said that they´ve felt more peace than ever in their lives. We´ve also reactivated a huge family who were all baptized about 30 years ago; the mom and her 3 daughters were baptized. They´re all married and moved on now, but we caught them all at the mom´s home together for a dinner and taught them the importance of our baptismal covenants. They are all very excited and they´re all married now. Awesome family

Are you looking forward to a transfer?  : )
Oh yes. I´ll be getting myself some packages and letters.. Transfer is next Monday. I´ll be sending you and SD card with one of the Sisters that´s coming home. She lives in Washington. I´ll give her dad´s cell number.  haha Maybe she´ll mail it to you from there.

Hey family!

This week went by so fast. I really feel like there isn´t enough time in the day somedays. I got a weird flu sickness Tuesday that has been killing me haha; the other three got it first then passed it along to me. Lucky me! Mom´s (high school) reunion sounds crazy. It´ll be weird when I have them, that´s for sure. With all the girls who´ve already gotten pregnant in my class, and all the missionaries going out, there will be some good stories for sure haha. 
The family that we´re going to baptize is awesome. The message in church was perfect too. It was all about families, baptism, and eternity this week. So they came on the perfect week. We have noite familiar [family Night]with them tonight. So I´m looking forward to that. She made lasagna last week, so i hope she does something good again haha.

No one else is really progressing. No one wants to come to church; it´s hard for them cuz they live so far from the chapel and have little kids with no car. Out of all of our members, only like 5 families have cars. So we can't really offer rides to anyone as well. but we have been praying for them and I have a feeling that they will come next week .A  really good feeling. 
Everyone here is all about the Olympics. so that´s sweet cuz we usually end up watching them in investigators homes for a while 'til they´ll focus and let us have a lesson. Looks like USA basketball will walk to the gold. Watched Brazil soccer destroy someone yesterday. that´s like all anyone cares about here... Brazil and soccer. haha. 

I have a feeling I´ll be with Elder Sa for one more transfer, so I´ll let you know next week! Sounds like the backpacking trip was a lot of fun. I´m jealous. And Taylor sure loves that hammock huh? haha have a great week!
I love you all!

Elder Shepherd

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