Monday, July 23, 2012

Amazing Family

How was the week?
Really good! We met an amazing family with an amazing story. I´ll write below

Anything new and exciting?
Eh, not much. I love studying in doctrine and covenants

What's the weather like there now?  
Right now it´s super hot. The weather is bipolar here

Have you gotten anymore of the packages I've sent?
Nope, I will get them in 2 weeks.!

Hey Family!

     This week went by so fast, I swear I don´t have enough time in the day sometimes. So we met this absolutely incredible family. They lived in the state of Santa Catarina about 4 years ago and met the missionaries there. The missionaries taught them and got the couple married. Then he got emergency moved for work to another city that didn´t have our church, so they just kinda fell off the path for a while. Well they moved here about 4 months ago and we knocked there door the other day. They let us right in, gave us a glass of coke (which i gladly accepted) and some weird cake stuff. Anyways, they said that they had been wondering if there was a church here in this city, because they noticed a significant change in there family when they stopped talking to the missionaries and moved. 
They have a 9 year old son who reminds me of Cole, just a little smart guy. So we taught them 3 lessons this week and committed them to baptism on the 11th of august. They are a way sweet family!
     We finally had an investigator come to church, his name is Jackson. He´s about to turn 19 and the thing he liked most about us was the fact that we´re about his age and we´re out preaching. He said he´d love to have this opportunity. So he will be a great baptism, and I won´t be surprised if he ends up serving a mission eventually. 
     Have I mentioned that we eat a lot of rice and beans here? Well we do. haha. I´m excited to get your care package. It sounds like Hailey had a blast up in Idaho! Congrats Hailey! Keep working hard so you can impress the coaches for Viewmont! Tay sounds like he´s tearin' it up with swimming, but just remember that I´m always the older brother. so no matter how huge you get I still have authority haha. The stake softball tournament sounds like it ended wacky. We always have that kind of luck though. Do you think that our ward will split cuz of all those new apartments? I´d assume so. 
      Cole is a little brain! haha He knew the story of Helaman and the Stripling Warriors and I didn´t even know that story 'til high school. He will be a great missionary. 
You guys should have a great time hiking in the Uintahs! I´m jealous, but not really, cuz I feel like the dang streets here are like hiking the Uintahs anyways! haha. Should be fun though, as long as Tay´s friend isn´t a wimp. 
     Church moving to 2:30 here hasn´t really helped much. People here are accustomed to taking naps after lunch on Sundays, so we had about the same turnout as usual. We are really focusing on teaching the importance of church, and that revelation is often received at church. So hopefully these next few weeks we get a better turnout. I have 2 weeks from tomorrow left in this transfer, but I have a feeling I´m gonna be with Elder Sa again. He is way cool. I´ll definitely remember him as one of my favorite companions, I can already tell. He was a electrician for cars before his mission. so the other day he fixed the dashboard lights in some lady´s car. I sat in the passenger seat and looked as busy as I could. I just said to him not to touch the red and blue wires together, cuz that´s what they say in the movies. 
     Tell me how batman was!!!!!!!!!!! Send me a copy of the synopsis! haha I´ll try and resist not driving to the cinema 2 hours away to watch it in the meantime. 
I hope you´re all doing well and have a fantastic week! I love you!

Elder Shepherd

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