Thursday, June 14, 2012

Manaus Temple Dedicated

We've asked Carson to answer some questions which he said he will do at the first of his emails: 

Did you watch the dedication of the Manaus Temple?
We watched the dedication yesterday. It was so cool! There is a temple in the jungle! I think that´s a joy for those ´people. A true blessing. It was messed up so it was all in English here.  haha. One of the veteran missionaries translated it at the pulpit for our Stake. I thought Elder Uchtdorf gave a phenomenal talk, in the final session, about the faith of the people.

When will you get transferred?
I get transferred in like 8 weeks haha. So I have a while here. with Eder Moroni.

How is the family doing that you said was going to get baptised this week?
The family is solid. We have family home evening with them tonight, and we taught them about the Temple before the dedication yesterday. They´re already making plans to go to Porto Alegre next year to go through [the Temple] together.

How are you feeling about the language,understanding vs. speaking?
The language is okay. I understand what´s going on 99 percent of the time, but when I say stuff I feel like I don´t know enough [words], so i´m probably 75 percent speaking. When it comes to lessons I know what to say, but when it comes to normal conversations I´m lost, so I just nod my head and look at Elder Moroni haha.

Hey Family!
     This week was pretty lame. No one was home or they didn´t want to hear us, so not a lot of lessons haha. We haven´t moved yet, the contract was having issues, but we´re moving tomorrow. Lake Powell sounds like it was a blast! Any bad sun burns? That's horrible you had another bad wind storm.  I´ve been staying as positive as I can, it´s gettin' tough cuz it´s absolutely freezing here right now! This past week got down to -4 celsius. So we called Sister Ribeiro [Mission Presidents wife] and she told me if I bought heaters she´d pay me back haha. You´ll get pictures of 'em. I love the weather though. The Brazilians literally freeze but I´m good. They hate the cold haha.
      I did back up [the pictures I sent you to] my thumb drive. Tell Hailey good luck in her recitals! She will do great! You should print out some pictures, and keep all of them on the computer.  Sorry to hear about Randy's boat. Sounds like it was a blast though. Sorry my emails will be short, sometimes,  cuz a lot of people have emailed me. We went and played bball at the church for like 3 hours this morning. Lots and lots of horse haha. It´s fun playing with the Brazilians, they make me teach them to dribble and shoot for like an hour and a half haha. We had a talent show this week to try and get the members pumped up! It was sooooo good, tons and tons and tons of people came. A lot tried to sing American music, lots of little girls haha. I played the piano, my comp did some comedy, Elder Ferreira did magic and Elder Nascimento did some break dancing. It´s all on video and pictures on the next SD card I send. haha.
      I can imagine what Tay packed in his bags for the bike ride. I hope he doesn´t freeze to death! I´m glad Austin was a big help, all my friends are leaving! It´s crazy! Has dad made a map yet? We also had an English class last week, on Saturday. Guess how many people came??? 4..... the Elders.... hahaha so I just taught them English. more advanced stuff cuz they all can have a simple conversation already. So the English class was good. we´re trying to do more social activities with the members to get them involved. You didn´t answer me about braces, so I´m getting them on on Friday. That´s when my companion has his next check-up.
      Okay I gotta go! Sorry, it´ll be bigger next week! Hopefully something more exciting happens during this week! I love you all!

Elder Shepherd

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