Monday, June 25, 2012

Service Gets Family to Church

We asked Carson a few Questions.  His letter is below. 

Do you know a lady named Chris C KI,  (she sent me a friend request on Facebook)?
Yes, I know her, she's like our favorite mom in the ward! Always feeding us - haha

How was your week?
So good, worked so hard!
Are you eating better? I want you to add some protein to your diet.
eh, rice and beans and cereal and Top Raman haha, and yes, occasionally meat.

Do you want me to send you soem peanut butter or canned chicken or some stuff like that?

Just send a care package like the first one, it was so good! Love the treats, maybe some drink mixes and some peanut butter would be good.

Glad to hear you got your package. Was it the big one? Yes, big care package!
Did you share with your companion? Haha yes I did.

Any requests for your next package?
Peanut butter, drink mixes, candy, photos of stuff like lake powell, food, Food is good! Dryer sheets maybe.
Hows your new place?
Love it! So much bigger and better!

Hey Family!
     So my companion is getting transferred tomorrow. He´s the next lider de Zona in our zone. So I´ll be getting a new companion tomorrow. All I know is his name: Elder de Sa.
     This week was really good, we worked super hard! The ward is starting to come together well. we had a family home evening in the chapel with the whole ward and a lot of people showed up, so that was good. The language is coming well, I can understand almost all of it, but they do have a strange accent here and different words. So dad and I will not always understand one another in Portuguese. Have Tay continue to do good things, he´s a great kid! Someone got transferred early this last week, so I got some more letters and packages. 
     To answer dad´s question, we ARE allowed to wear our missionary badges for baptisms. They said it´s okay so that the people can see our names and remember us. I have been printing out some of my pics as well at a little shop near the internet cafe. then I will remember people cuz I write names and locations on the backs of them. 
     Dad no need to be worried about the heaters we have. I read the boxes this last week and they do NOT emit Co2, so we´re all good there;  and this last week got super hot again. It´s  seriously just like utah weather here. We wake up to cold and clouds, by noon it´s blazing hot and clear, and night time is nice and cool.  So weird. 
     Our families are doing just great! They are super into the church and so looking forward to the temple next year. I´m not looking forward to explaining the whole area to my new comp tomorrow, that´ll be a party haha. I will have Elder Moroni write in my other journal tonight and put address and stuff. and we will take some pics. Tay sounds like he´s killin it in the pool! and yeah, that kearns pool sounds like a workout! That´ll be good for him, make him stronger. The Manti pageant sounds good and sounds like mom and Hailey are looking forward to a good time at girls camp.
     The water situation here is so sweet! We can drink whatever water we want here. It´s purified. There is only one zone in our mission where president said that the americans need purification.    
Today won´t be super long, but here is a cool story. 
So this last Friday we went to the house of a part member family. They were doing some cement work in the back. I dunno what I was thinkin', but I just jumped right in and started working in my church clothes. Got cement and stuff all over myself. My companion probably thought I was crazy. They loved the help though, and got it all done so much faster.  Then Sunday, that whole family was in church. for the first time. and the son had been baptized like 2 years ago. The Bishop was amazed that they were there. I love the feeling afterwards. so that´s always a good idea for family home evening.

I have 6 more weeks in Cruz Alta, then probably being tranferred.Kkeep praying and reading scriptures! It´s strenghthened my testimony so much! So President Ribeiro is leaving next year, and I heard the other day that with the new President, my mission is being changed to the Cruz Alta Mission.
covering the same area - random thought.

I love all of you! keep up the good work in softball Hailey! Let dad coach ya, even if he´s hard on ya! Kill it in the tournament and have fun at girls camp!
Tay keep gettin' huge and working hard in swimming! Then we can both go to Utah afterwards, and you can be on a swimming scholarship!


Elder Shepherd

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