Monday, June 4, 2012

Answers to Fasting and Prayer

Hey Family!

I haven´t gotten any of your packages or letters yet cuz the next transfer is in 3 weeks. I´ll get everything then. You can attach the paragraph thing as a word document. I sent off the sd card last week so you should be getting it next week. 
We had our second baptism yesterday morning before church. Talk about a miracle. They´d come to church with their son, who is a member, and he baptized his dad yesterday. We worked with them and they made their decision last week and baptized them yesterday! So cool! Next week, instead of sacrament meeting, we´re watching the dedication of the Manaus Temple. That´ll be really cool I think.
We haven´t moved into our new apartment yet... hopefully we will this week! We don´t eat a lot of fruit here, mostly rice and beans and a lot of BBQ meat! So that´s good.  I eat cereal every day for breakfast (brazilian frosted flakes) and Top Ramen every night for dinner haha. The milk here is 100 percent pasturized, so it stores for like 6 months at room temperature, and it´s super cheap. Tastes fine haha. 
So I think I´m gonna get braces down here! Weird but I wanted your input first. They´re free to get on, and cost 90 Rais a month to keep updated. They´re so cheap cuz a ton of brazilian missionaries have them (including my companion) and there is a place in every city that the mission has corresponded with. So I have plenty of money to get them, and I really want to. I´m almost positive I will, but I want your input.
The power of prayer is incredible. We fasted and prayed for the family we baptized, and it was a miracle. Continue to read scriptures every night as a family. I don´t know why but on the lesson we challenged for baptism I was prompted to share a scripture in Malachi, talking about how the lord sometimes asks things of us that we don´t completely understand. They totally understood it, and felt the spirit so strong.  The picture attached is of the family yesterday. the son baptized the dad and Elder Moroni, my companion, baptized the mom. 
This week we´re starting from scratch. so that´ll be fun. The rich people don´t even want to listen to us here, and the less rich people always let us in. I´m trying to search for a family, cuz a family will be a lot more interested in learning about eternal families in lesson 2. We always start with the restoration the first lesson, and go into it as far as it looks like they´re into the lesson. A lot of the time we do the first 2 parts and they are half asleep haha.  Mr Tennis will be a good mission president; that´s cool he´s going to Fiji. 
I don´t print your emails so you´ll have to do that, but they´re all saved in my inbox. I don´t know my Bishops name haha - so I´ll get that this week and send it to you next. 
The names of the Elders in my apartment are:
Elder Nascimento from Sao Paulo
Elder Ferreira from Brasilia. , me and my companion.
My shoes are all holding up just fine, the docs are a lot better in the rain and cold. The suitcase is fine as well, just the little tear in the corner.
Yeah we´ll re-dedicate the city for the work this week.  There are some solid members who love the missionaries though. I have a journal I´m keeping with every detail of baptisms. We´re really trying to inspire the members to help us get refferals. A lesson with a friend member in attendence is sooooo much better. They may already know a little bit of why we´re there and the happiness they can feel inside the true gospel. Split up your emails into stories and questions. Then I will just copy all of your questions and paste them, then answer - way easier. Sorry not a lot of time today.   
I love you all!
Elder Shepherd

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