Monday, March 18, 2013

I Burned a Shirt on the 14th

Carson celebrating the one year mark and burning a shirt!

Another angle on the shirt burning

Part of the area the missionaries are working!


How was your week?
Great! it cooled down quite a bit so now it´s more bearable.

When are the next transfers?
We´ve got 3 weeks left. I will know when I email you on April 8th. We had our monthly interviews with President on Tuesday and he said he was gonna be moving me to an area that needs help. 

The baptism of your soccer junkies looked like it was good.  Is the other boy still taking discussions?

Yes he is. We´re trying to talk to his parents now because they´re the only reason he´s not baptized. 

How is it with those boys you baptized?  Do they do regular weekly young men activities?

It´s really good. The ward is helping them a lot. They´re making really good friends with the other young men at the weekly soccer nights as well.

Do you rest quite a bit on Pday? 
Yeah we go back home after we email and we sleep.

Do you have a washer and dryer still? 
No, dryers basically don´t exist here. All the apartments have a washer though.

Hi Family!

Well we just had a fantastic week this week. We had 6 people in sacrament meeting! The painter that dad wrote to, he came yesterday with his wife finally. We also had 2 young men and a young woman and her mom there. Those 4 are all new investigators. We focused this week on getting and contacting a lot of references and it for sure paid off. Adalberto, the painter, just needs to make a good friend or two in the ward. We are meeting with a young couple, early 20´s right now. They both have smoked for a few years, but are super open to the idea of stopping when they feel that the church is true. The spirit has been really strong the 3 times that we´ve met with them and they both comprehend the messages entirely. We´re meeting with them tomorrow [along] with a couple in our ward.  What´s good about this couple is that they already have the desire to get married. That helps the process quite a bit.

I also burnt a shirt on the 14th!  [Annual missionary ritual celebrating their one year mark] That was fun. We did it at a less-active family´s home. They loved it! I just found an old shirt in our house and burnt it. Those are the first 2 pics. The third is of a favella area that we work. Our area is like half rich, and half super poor. 

So yeah, sorry this week isn´t very long. We´re working really hard and seeing success. Hopefully I´ll be able to baptize again during these three weeks. I feel like we will!.Sorry today isn´t super exciting. I hope all of you have a great week!
Keep up the hard work in school and sports! and not dance!!! ;) I love you!

Elder Shepherd

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