Monday, February 18, 2013

Not Enough time in the Day!

Elder Shepherd celebrating his birthday with Pizza!

How was your week?
Very productive. I really enjoyed this week and we are seeing success. 

Did the weather cool off this week? 
Some of the days yes, some of the days no. This week it´s supposed to rain ‘til Thursday though, so that´s good. Then it will start to cool down as fall time begins. 

Did you have any new investigators at church?
Yes, we had 4 investigators at church. 

Did you get your package with the book?
Nope. hopefully next week. I´ll let you know next email.

Can you buy everything there in Santa Maria?
Basically yes. American products are crazy expensive though.

I understand you will only have your mission president till summer(here).  When do they change?
The change will be in June, so I´ll have had two mission Presidents. I don´t even know what the new president´s name is or where he´s from. Has it come out there yet? I think it comes out in the March Liahona so we´re a couple weeks away. Not too sure though. 

Hi Family!
What a great week! I was in a division with one of the zone leaders for 2.5 days,   It was some really good work. I went with an Elder from Sao Paulo. His name is Elder Bargas. We took some pictures because we decided to treat ourselves to some pizza and cookies during the division too. I attached a picture of it. My buddy Cristian, from Rosario, is here today for my birthday. He took me out to lunch at the food court at the mall here. He´s a good guy. He´s going to go on a mission in December when he finishes this year of schooling. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday.   We are having a lot of success reactivating families. 

 When I was in the zone leaders area I was in the same house as Elder Pole´o. He´s a way cool guy, he´s a Tongan from Alaska. I will for sure be friends with him after the mission. He goes to a tongan ward there, and he said that there are 3 Samoan wards. He´s dying of the heat here cuz in Anchorage he said it´s never even close to this hot. I hope we have a great week this week, especially if it´s my last week in the area. I have a feeling that it might be, and it´s gone by super fast. Next transfer I will hit my one year mark. Dang that was fast! I feel like I need to work harder and harder, and half the time I don´t feel like there´s enough time in the day to do everything that I wanted to do. The whole prospective of time just changes during the mission. Like before it seemed like time went by so so slow, and now the days just fly by. The church is true. The mission is so awesome! I love all of you, have a great week!

Elder Shepherd

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