Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God Always Puts us in the Right Place at the Right Time

How was your week?
Good. except for i caught a bug and was home all day on Friday. Then back to work on Saturday.

Is the weather there still blazing hot?
Yes. We had some wind this week so it made the week a little more bearable.

How are the contacts you have made with people been going this week?
They´ve been going okay. We didn´t have as much success this week as we´d been having. I think it´s because all of the kids are getting back to school now, so it was just a lot more chaos for the week. 

Hi Family!

Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes everyone! And thanks so much for getting the overbite devices ordered for me! Those will help a ton. This week will be shorter because really not a lot happened this past week. We taught lessons but nothing really seemed to advance. Our best investigators were all out of town most the week, so we just spend a lot of time searching for new investigators. This week was just a trial of our faith and our patience. It´s rough walking in the hot weather and no one letting you inside, that´s for sure. But, once that special person opens the door and lets you in, it´s a golden opportunity. God always puts us in the right place at the right time, and sometimes the timing just isn´t quite right.

Good job in the swim meet Tay! And thanks for the birthday wish! You did your part buddy, and next year it´s all yours! I am so jealous that you´re going up and skiing mom. Some members in an apartment complex told me to come over and they´re gonna have a little party for me on my birthday. They´re gonna make a little cake and we´re all gonna go over there for a little while on Sunday. You could put some recipes for cookies and pancakes and other baked goods inside this care package. Mom you should totally get a job at a ski resort next year!!!!!!! I would be so down for that. I support you 110 %. I need some free skiing. Just work at PC or Canyons.

We´re teaching a professional painter right now. The guy is sooo good! He gave me a painting of a lion the other day, and talked with us a lot about missionary work. He then told me he wants to paint a painting for Dad for raising such a great kid. Those are his words. He wants you to write him a letter at first, in Portuguese, and just tell him you´d love to receive a painting. You can bear your testimony to him and then just tell him a little bit about where we live.  Shoot him a quick letter. It will help us as we teach him as well. He´s going to come to church next Sunday finally, so that will be awesome. I´m sure he´s already got a painting for you going, he just said it´d be nice to get a letter from you letting him know that you´d actually like to receive a painting. So try to send that off this week. I hope all of you have a great week! Thanks again for the birthday wishes! I love you all!

Elder Shepherd

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