Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everyone in church has a Missionary Responsibility

Hi Family!
     Today is going to be short and sweet cuz I don´t have any time because I´ve been waiting for you! [We thought his P-day was changed to Tuesday] I sent an SD card today, so you´ll be getting those pictures. This week went by really fast again. We taught about 30 lessons and we have 4 dates marked for baptism on the 20th of this month. They´re marked for the 20th cuz next weekend is General Conference and the next weekend we have a district meeting with the 4 branches in the District. 
     I´ve had a lot more energy lately and my companion and I get along really well. This next week we´re going to try to get 2 more baptisms marked! No allergies in this city so far, probably cuz there isn´t as many farms around, just open fields. 
     Please try and get Matt Grayston´s and Jake Blotter´s writing addresses for me for next week! This city is in the middle of no-where so I won´t be getting your packages and letters for 4 more weeks. 
I think that the water in the river is fresh water, but maybe not. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work in school Taylor and Hailey! I hope that classes are going well! 
      I spoke in church yesterday with my companion. We both talked about the importance of everyone in the church having a missionary responsibility. A lot of people were crying. It was such a spiritual meeting. We´ll see if the attendance will start to pick up. I´m sure we´ll get more people there next week cuz a lot of them will love to hear our prophet speak. Elder Mason and I are going to be in a separate AIR CONDITIONED room watching it in English, that´ll be nice. We don´t go out teaching at all next Saturday or Sunday, so it´ll be a relaxing break. Kinda have mixed feelings about it cuz I love to go out and teach!

I miss you all!
 I love you!

 Elder Shepherd

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