Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baptisms Next Week

How was your week?
It was way good. The most that I have sweat in my whole life though. But lots of lessons. 

Are you adjusting to the heat?  
No I don’t think I ever will. And then we eat hot food for lunch and I sweat some more, haha.

Loved hearing about your companion.  How is he?
He´s really good. I think he´ll leave this area next week at transfer, this one went way fast

Are you eating good?
Always. I´m avoiding the toxic vegetables and eating lots of carbs and cheap foods. 

What do you eat in this new area (beside the good BBQ)?
Rice and beans haha - same thing as usual.

Hi Family!
Not a lot of exciting stuff to write this week so it´s going to be rather short. NY sounds like it was a blast. I´m glad you got to go and see 2 plays. I think I´ll learn to appreciate those more and more. Finally Viewmont won in girls soccer! This was the 4th year in a row that they have been in the Championships so it´s about time. Love the picture from that show in New York. I can still remember how ticked we were when we didn´t get in.

We had some random daylight savings time change yesterday, it´s just for here in the south. We went forward and hour, so now I´m like 4 hours ahead of you. I was kinda mad cuz I got one less hour of sleep. And my sleep time here is very precious to me. I basically slept all day today cuz it has been a rainy day. Elder Mason and I have been running every morning, and we went in the pouring rain this morning. Reminded me of the old soccer days in the rain. PLEASE SEND A THING OF MAPLE SYRUP IN THE PACKAGE WITH SISTER TAYLOR! I want to make some pancakes, so if it will fit please send it!

Our baptism of the family is all set to go for next Saturday. I´m really excited for them. The other young woman wasn´t in church yesterday, so we will have to move her baptism for the next Saturday. I´ll make sure to send a photo next Monday of the baptism. We found a sweet family this past week! They didn´t come to church, but I am really confident that all of them will be baptized somewhere here in the near future. We had been teaching at their neighbor’s home, and their son was there in the lesson. Then he told us that his mom and dad would love a message too. We went there a couple days later and struck a golden family. They are so ready for the gospel. We´ll be teaching them tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes. 

Sorry today is short. I haven´t gotten any packages from grandma yet. I actually haven´t even gotten a letter from anyone at this new address yet haha. Sorry not a lot to say today! I hope that everyone is doing well in school and health. I love you all! Talk to you next Monday!

Elder Shepherd

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