Monday, September 10, 2012

Dividing in Panambi

District Conference

Uhh Sword of Laban?

Elders of Cruz Alta

Back home in Utah - this past weekend - White Pine Lake with Taylor, Hailey and Melanie

Did you get your package from Chris K?  It is her birthday Monday - September 10th, so wish her a happy birthday and take her something nice.
I still haven´t gotten it. It´s supposed to come today is what she told me. She said it got caught up in Sao Paulo with customs. 

Are you there for at least 2 more weeks?  I was calculating at 24 weeks you could have a change.
Next Monday is transfer. So you´ll know where I´m going to be in my email next week. Every transfer is for 6 weeks, and we have one transfer of 5 weeks per year. 

What Bon Jovi song have you learned?
I honestly have no idea. One of the young men in the ward showed me how to play it and he wrote down the lyrics, so they are weird. And he just told me it was Bon Jovi, so maybe it´s not even him. haha

Do you have a washer & dryer, or do you have to hang your clothes to dry?
We have a washer, and we hang dry our clothes. They usually dry in a day or two with this hot weather so that´s good. 

How are you doing? Are your allergies doing better? Shoot me the name of any drugs you take so I can make sure I'm up to speed.
My allergies were up and down this week cuz we had days with wind and days without. I don´t have my medicine with me today so I don´t know the names. I´ll bring ‘em with me next week.

Hello Family!

     Crazy week here! I spent 4 days in a city called Panambi on a division. There is a new missionary there named Elder Probst and we traded companions so I was with him there all week almost. President called and asked me to go there and practice training, so who knows maybe I´ll be a trainer next week. I guess we´ll see. The city there is really weak with members. They´ve got about 10 active members out of 150 or so. The church house there is just a little house. The city is about the same size as Cruz Alta, and I honestly think the problem is that we need more missionaries there. In my email to President today I´m going to talk to him about it. The people there were really warm and welcoming, it´s just hard for 2 missionaries to do that large of a city alone. 
     Elder Probst was in the MTC with Elder Mason.(who mom told me about). He showed me pictures of the African missionaries who came with almost nothing. He said that he (Elder Probst) was the Zone Leader in the MTC and that they got the 2 missionaries all that they needed for their missions, plus an extra $$ per person for extra supplies, a really cool story. 
So I saw some NFL highlights in a house! How about that giant field goal by the Niners kicker huh? I´m jealous of that right there. It was like a 62 yarder. Other than that division, this week was pretty un-eventful. The city there was really cool. They have a Supermarket like Wal-mart there call Cotripal. I´m pretty sure Wal mart owns them. Dad you´ll have to look into that, but it was just a GIANT store. Like it makes all the stores here look like little houses. 
     The hike you guys went on looks way cool [White Pine Lake, Tony Grove area by Logan]! I´ll be used to hiking when get home. Panambi was seriously built on the side of a mountain. So that made the day awesome haha covered in sweat and all. And looks like school got off to a nice start. Yeah I remember it was always nice to have easier classes those last periods of the day. 
The lotoja sounds like it was crazy! But I´m glad Jack and Justin finished that´s way cool! It´s too bad that someone had to put stuff on the roads. Sounds like some high school kids´ ideas... I won´t comment further.      
     Finally the Aggies pulled out a win against Utah! Hopefully they have a great year. and hopefully BYU can get the win with Riley. I´m just pulling for one of those 3 teams haha I´m not declared yet. I´ll decide when I get home. Time this week really just felt like a blur. I feel like I´m living Groundhogs day to the fullest. Funny how I remember that show. 
     How´s the presidential race coming? Is either one of them pulling in front? I have heard from the members that it´s looking really even still. I´ll try to send another camera card off next week or the following. Hopefully I’ll have time if I get transferred. 
That´s funny that Tay thought that he was babysitting Cole and Tate.  haha I dunno if Nat would ever leave them in the back yard alone hahaha. [Tay babysat the dogs but he though Nat was leaving the kids in the back yard.] Our ward there sounds like it´s getting massive. Are we gonna be better for basketball when I get home? Hopefully! Hailey it sounds like your talk went really well! Good job! Keep it up! Talking in front of people is fun huh? Now it´s Tay´s turn for a talk in church. I´ll email Bishop haha. 
     So here is what I want in the next package. We can have movies about the church and president has cleared these. I want The Other Side of Heaven, The RM, and The Best 2 Years. Also I´d love a CD by the 4 ordained! President said we can watch these movies on p-day! So that´ll be fun! Thanks!

I hope this week goes by really well! I miss you all!
Elder Shepherd

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