Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Advice: Study Preach My Gospel - Focus on Restoration

What miracle medicine did they give you at the hospital for your allergies?  Was it something that fixed it just that time or did they give you some to take regularly?  Was it a shot or pills or what?
No it´s just some cheap stuff that I can spray up my nose and it goes down my throat. it works well though and only costs 6 Reals. Then some cough syrup. So basically just the nose spray was what he gave me. 

Did you get the package from the Mission President; the big one or flat one, or both?
What stuff is your favorite in them?
Yes, I got the giant package and had already gotten the flat one. I love them! My favorite is Starbursts, Peanut Butter, and the Oreos. I´d love to get cheap ties too. My companion wants like 5 DI ties haha; he wants more. I REALLY like those little peanut butter packets that you sent, and they should be a lot easier to send in smaller packages. 

How's the 3 Brazilians you live with?  Do you eat together, or just you and Elder Sa?
It´s fun living with them, haha we never speak English unless I´m helping them practice. So it´s really good for me cuz I´m required to speak Portuguese all day long with 3 Brazilians. So we have lunch with members every day. Some days are split and Elder Sa and I eat one place and the others at another place. 90 percent of the time we all eat together though,  at the same member´s house. 
Lunch at the Bishops on Fathers Day
Carson, Elder Sa and their buddy!
Elder Sa - DL,  Carson, Elder Moroni- LZ

Zone Conference
Hi Family!

     Sounds like you met Sister Taylor. She´s way cool. Yeah it´ll be SWEET to send a package with her. So sent a giant one again with TIES (DI), PEANUT BUTTER, OREOS, and TONS of gummy stuff... Oh and I really want pens. like those Pilot pens that I brought with me. They don´t have them here and I really like them! haha Cheryl will love me now cuz I can play a Bon Jovi song on the guitar and sing it. Elder Costa taught me. I think I´m gonna get a guitar here, but not for a while. I´ll keep practicing with the lent one that we´ve already got. SEND YOUR EMAILS TO ME ON SUNDAYS! I´M IN THE LAN HOUSE EARLY TODAY AND ONLY HAVE THIS EMAIL FROM MOM AND NONE FROM DAD. I´m not always going to come here at the same time. Anyways, why is sister Taylor coming back? Just to visit? Already? That´s what I want to do! But we´ll see when it gets closer to coming.

     I´m not wearing cowboy boots yet, but I´ll definitely buy the gaucho clothing. It´s way cool! Yes the city I´m in is really big, there are 4 wards and like 14 missionaries. I´m gonna have to get back on here after lunch to finish this email. Today we´re going to go eat Xis for lunch. Pronounced shis. It´s like their version of a hamburger, so I´ll have to compare it to my restaurant. (Mcdonalds). 

     Just got back on and read dad´s email. haha we played basketball one day before a zone conference behind the church here. They asked me if I played and I said if you count playing on the girl´s team at Utah State? Then they all just laughed.  But anyways, it sounds like Kyle is getting ready to go! That sounds so cool! Tell him to just go all out into Preach My Gospel! He needs to get the lessons down with scripture references, that´d help him the most; and really focus on the Restoration. 

     Sorry I have no idea about the questions you asked about the pictures. My pen drive isn´t with me today, it´s somewhere in the house So I can´t look at the pics, but no we didn´t get a dog here, don´t worry. And it wouldn´t be hard to get a dog here since they´re just running the streets everywhere. Sounds like everyone is getting REALLY excited for school haha. That´ll be fun. I haven´t gotten a call about the package yet, so we´ll have to see if it´s here today.

     This week went by well, but it is blazing hot again. We taught 31 lessons this week, so that was the highlight of the week. We also had 4 investigators in Sacrament meeting. I have a feeling that I´m going to be transferred on the 17th, but we´ll see. I would love to go, but I´m going to miss this ward a lot. I´ve really grown up here, and it will always be a special place to me. If you guys come pick me up after [the mission] we definitely need to pass back through this ward. Almost everyone has invited us to come eat with them haha. I did over 100 street contacts this week, and let me tell you about a workout there. Doing contacts in the blazing hot weather isn´t super fun.  I´ve gotten in a better habit of using sun screen. My allergies were a little bit better this week because there wasn´t a lot of wind, just tons of hottness.
     I attached some photos. The first is with Moroni and Sa, second is on father´s day here at our Bishop´s house, and the third is with a handicapped young man in the ward. He is my best buddy here. He was born 3 months pre-mature. He´s way cool! And he loves music so he always sings for us. 

I hope all is well! Have a great first week of school! 5 months away tomorrow and it seems like I left yesterday. Time flies when you´re working hard!

I love you all!

Elder Shepherd

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