Monday, August 20, 2012


How was your week?
Really good and really hot!
Were you able to get your package yet? 
Nope but I sent money along with president and asked him if he had time if he could bring it to me, he said yes.
Are you feeling better?
Some days yes some days not. The wind is what determines it cuz of all of the dang pollen in the air. 
Wassup Family! 

Our baptism turned out just amazing! The family was incredible. The mom started crying when she was walking down the stairs to me in the font. Awkward moment for me haha but it was very spiritual. We had an amazing turn-out in members at the baptism too. It´s amazing how many people want to support the missionaries. I have a feeling that Jefferson, the dad, has big plans of the lord in this gospel. I baptized Marcia, the mom, and John Victor, their son. They were so excited, and after they were baptized they couldn´t stop smiling! It´s like that first-kiss-with-your-girlfriend smile! hahaha (Taylor that´s not an invitation).

So yes, this week went by really fast again. And we taught a lot of lessons. Not a lot of new investigators though, but we do have some families that are progressing. It´s been very very hot here these past couple of days, and even when it rains I´m still dying of the heat. haha but I´m getting fat, so the heat is good. I quit pop and I'm still gaining weight, isn´t that supposed to do the opposite for me? 

Sounds like everything at home is going really well! I think that the TV sounds sweet that you got! Yeah from now on when you send packages just write that everything costs really cheap. That voodoo doctor [that Taylor has been seeing] sounds really interesting, I need him to fix my lactose allergy. Sorry this email will be short, not a lot of exciting stuff cuz we were really focused on the baptizm this week. 

So some women just came in here and they had some really weird accents and were asking me for directions! They were Americans haha! They were 3 sisters who´d served 7 years ago and they were back visiting! That was really weird. But it was really weird cuz i can actually hear an accent now in a different language!

Okay so the address below is my address here. They are now opening a PO box in all of the larger cities. you can send letters all throughout this transfer and I´ll get them here. Only send packages the first 2 weeks of each transfer or i won´t get them for a long time! No one was getting letters and everyone was complaining to President. So now we can get them a lot faster. Ok, so this week you can send me packages. If you send them next week, you send them to the Santa Maria address. Does that make sense?
Elder Carson Shepherd
Caixa Postal 006. 
Cruz Alta, RS.
CEP: 98005970

Sorry this was really short! I´ve been playing basketball again today, so that was really fun but it cut all of my time off!
I love all of you!

Elder Shepherd

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