Sunday, December 22, 2013

This was just a killer week and I´m dead tired today

Zone Conferfence in Sao Gabriel

 How was your week?
This was just a killer week and I´m dead tired today. My email is going to be lame and super short cuz I need to go sleep. 

Is your ward growing?
Yes it is, and the members are really locking in and helping us. 

Are you close to your numbers to form the stake?
YES!! I think it´ll end up being formed and announced at the end of March, but by the end of this month we should be really close. I´m excited to see what happens. 

How is your new companion?  Where is he from?  What is he like?  How long has he been out?
He´s really good. He´s a really quiet guy. I like him. He´s from Piracicaba, Sao Paulo. His name is Julio Costa da Silva. He´s been out for exactly one year. A great guy. President just called him the other day and told him he was coming here. He´s really good though, and extremely open to learn. 

Are your baptisms getting any closer?
Yes! Finally! We have a date marked for this Saturday. Leticia finally accepted and we´re going to baptize her. I think Elder Costa da Silva was the answer.

Hey family! 
I´m sorry but this email is going to be short. I´m worn out this week from stress and just running around. We had zone meeting this week and it was good stuff. We were in Santa Maria on Monday and Tuesday for leadership training, then we had our zone meeting on Friday. I gave a training to my zone about the member missionary work in our area and the goals we´ve established. This is a sweet little picture of our zone at the meeting I love you all. Have a great week! Give grandma a huge hug for me and tell her that there will be a letter in the mail.


Elder Shepherd

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