Friday, August 23, 2013

He's Read every church book I have given Him

How was your week?
Eh, it was a little slow again. Just cuz I didn´t get my new comp til Thursday so I was basically shut down for 3 days. 

Did you get the pictures I emailed you from the wedding?  I think I sent a couple of them.
Yeah i got a cute picture of Ryker, Mckayla, and Bronson. 

How is your new companion?
He´s really cool. He lives here in Santa Maria, in the other ward that attends our same chapel. His name is Maicom da Rosa. He´s doing one of those little mini missions until he leaves for his mission at the end of this transfer. President called me and asked if I´d stay in a trio with Elder Sol and Elder Henderson and I told him NO. Working in a trio is too hard and too complicated and you can´t get into a rhythm. So he called some bishops and found a temporary companion for me til the transfer, in 4 weeks. 

When did your companion from last week go home?  
He went home Wednesday. There is a couple that works in the office here as service missionaries, and I stuck with them for the day. They went to Rosario do Sul to work on some house issues for the missionaries there, so I went with them. I got to visit the Silveira Family that I baptized almost a year ago. She is the Relief Society President and he is the Elders Quorum President. They want to go to the Temple in November, but then she said that they want to wait til the temple caravan after that to go to the Temple with us when you come pick me up. What do you think? I think it´d be an excellent opportunity. 

Did they ever figure out what your last week's companion had?
Ee had a bacteria in his stomach that he had to go and get treated. 

Hi Family!
So I basically told you everything above. The week was really slow. Up until Thursday we did basically nothing. I just sat in the mission office and my companion was at the hospital. Then when I finally got my new comp I just showed him our investigators and the less-active families that we´re helping come back to church. I´ve got a really bad cold today so this email is going to be short and boring. Just like my week haha. The wedding sounds like it was so awesome. I wish i could have been there. I´ll tell them congrats when I get home in 6 months. We had Stake Conference this weekend and out best investigator, Marco Aurelio, watched all three sessions and talked with President Parrela a lot, and the Stake Patriarch. He´s the best investigator I´ve ever had. Smart and loves to read. He´s already read every book that I can possibly give him about the church and church history. They´re hopefully going to get their wedding papers put in this week. I love you all very much. Thanks for all of the love and support. 
Have a great week!

Elder Shepherd

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