Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Senior Companion, Cowboy Hats and Uruguay

Baptisms in Rosario Do Sul with Elder Ferreira

One foot in Brazil one foot in Uruguay

Are you now a senior companion?
Yes I am a senior companion and training a new missionary.

How is your new companion?  Tell us all about him
His name is Ailton Duarte de Avelar. He is from the state of Sao Paulo, a little city there called, Iguape. He is coming along really well.

How was your trip to the mission home?
So boring. We went on Tuesday morning and got there about noon. Then we just slept ‘til 5 when all of the new missionaries came. Then we walked to President´s house with all of the new guys and had pizza and met our new companions. The next day we had training all day. It was a great experience, and as a trainer we are taught that we really do have a lot of responsibilities. Our teaching can affect the mission of the other missionary completely. 

How many packages did you get from us?  1 was sent with Sister Taylor, 1 was sent to the Mission home and 1 was sent to the Rosario box.
The only one I got from you was the one that Sister Taylor brought. Katie´s mom also sent me a package that I pulled out of the Rosario Box today. And I got two packages from Katie in Santa Maria. 

What is your new apartment compared to your old apartment like?
Way worse haha. It is really little, especially for 4 missionaries, and it just bakes in the sun all day long. So it is a lot hotter. It´s fine though. We only sleep there. The rest of the time we are in the streets. 

How was Zone conference? 
Way good. We learned a lot of new approaches to teaching. I love those conferences! 

Hello Family!
This week went really well. This new area I think was prepared by God for my companion and I. We had a really successful week, with 3 investigators in church. One of them started their marriage papers today with his wife, who is a member. So he has a date marked for the first week of December already. The other 2 are an older couple. They will be getting legally married and baptized at about the same time. My companion is really a cool guy.  The city where we had our zone conference borders Uruguay, So I attached a photo being in both countries. I bought some remembrance tokens from there as well. The weeks are just getting hotter and hotter. It´s at about 40 degrees Celsius during the days here now [i.e. -104 degrees Fahrenheit] so that´s not super fun. I´m using a ton of sun block, and good news, we can now use cowboy’s hats in the streets. So I am totally going to buy one and use it now. I swear my face feels like it´s burning off no matter how much sun block I am using. I basically didn´t do anything Monday through Wednesday this past week so sorry this email is boring. I´ll make sure to talk to you a lot more about our investigators and things next week. The goal is to have a teaching pool of about 15 people by the end of this week. Being senior companion makes things a lot more interesting. I feel a lot more obligations and responsibilities being a trainer as well; which is really good because it influences me to work so much harder. 

We had a really cool experience with one of the investigators this week, the one that will be getting baptized. He is an ex addict who almost died because of the drugs. I think I bore the strongest testimony to him this past week then I have ever born in my life. I bore a testimony of service. Katie sent me a quote that has stuck in my mind that I said to him, “When no one else believes that you can... you have to.”  I don´t know who said it but it made me tear up quite a bit in the lesson. Then he showed me a scripture, from the Book of Mormon that we´d given him a day earlier that really hit him in the chest. He just opened it up the first night right to Alma 38, the whole chapter isn´t very big, but the message is awesome. At the top he wrote,  “Nosso Pai me deu a resposta.” [trans..."Our Father gave me the answer".] (dad can translate) and at the end of the chapter he wrote, “obrigado Pai.” [trans. "thank you Father." The message came across crystal clear to him. 

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that EVERY person in this whole world can find answers inside of it for any question that they have. This man´s whole world is changing because of this book. If that isn´t a testimony then I don´t know what is. It was by far the best lesson I´ve taught on my mission, and I know God sent us there for a reason. This church is true.

I hope that you all have a great week! Work hard!


Elder Shepherd

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